Hyperhidrosis, an uncomfortable disorder in summer

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Hyperhidrosis is a common disease. Experts believe that around the 2,8% of the population has it. It shows up when high temperatures hit and it gets worse during warm seasons like summer.

Patients with hyperhidrosis sweat around 4 or 5 more times than the average. As a consequence, this disease can hinder interpersonal relations a lot, as well as the coexistence in professional environments.

This disorder is known for increasing sweating so much that it can even embarrass those who suffer it. Some studies tell that there are up to 1.200.000 people in Spain who suffer hyperhidrosis.

It is a disease that does not differentiate between sex, so it is equally common among women and men.

When does this disorder show?

The origin of hyperhidrosis is unknown, even if it is actually known that two thirds of the patient’s relatives usually suffer it. So, that means that it could be related to some genetic conditions.

Nevertheless, other factors like the emotional ones could play a part in this affection’s appearance. Some stressful, terrifying and anxiety-causing situations increase the movement of the sweat glands and incites the production of sweat.

How does hyperhidrosis affect patients who suffer it?

Excessive sweating directly affects the daily life of people. It can even negatively alter the professional environment and, therefore, the obtaining of a new employment in the future.

Some research done about hyperhidrosis shows that it diminishes people’s self-confidence, making them avoid some social events. More accurately, the 34% of those who suffer this condition consider the excessive sweating to be worse than the stage fright. What is more, data also tells that the 30% of them fear the sweating more than acne and obesity. Thus, we are talking about a problem that is equivalent to some common fears.

What should you do to reduce its effects?

If you do not want this disease to hinder your day to day life, we recommend you to put some useful tricks in practice. They will help you to fight this summer disorder.

Never miss social interactions because of your hyperhidrosis. You can make the discomfort to vanish if you follow these tips.

In order to prevent you from sweating a lot, you should use light clothes. In other words, you should wear breathable clothes and, if you can, you should make sure they are made of synthetic fibre. This kind of fabric will be a great ally, since it filters the air and keeps the cloth dry.

If you have to spend time outside, the best you can do is to carry a spare set of clothes, in case you needed it.

Remember that you should be in fresh and airy places as long as you can. Try to isolate your home and your place of work from the exterior environment as much as you can.

We also advice you to not drink alcohol, coffee and tea. It is also a good idea to avoid spicy foods, since they make it easy for the hyperhidrosis to show. And, furthermore, you should consider quitting on smoking.

What is more, try to avoid stressful moments that could cause anxiety, tension or some psychological thoughts that could increase the sweat production.

And, finally, keep an appropriate body hygiene in order to avoid unpleasant smells.

What can you do to treat your hyperhidrosis?

In some cases of extreme sweating, there are some available treatments that will help you to eradicate this disease.

Topic treatments are antiperspirant remedies with aluminium chlorohydrate. They can be included in some deodorants with aluminium salts.

Iontophoresis is a technique that uses the electric current to put some substances into the dermis that will prevent sweating. It is widely used, specially when there is too much sweating on the armpits.

The botulinum toxin is another frequent treatment regarding the focal hyperhidrosis. This therapy’s length is between 15 and 30 minutes and, once it is done, its effects last about 7 months. Its success is guaranteed, even if it could cause some patients to suffer a little bit of pain during the first days after the therapy. Botulinum toxin treatment might require an important investment, but it is very successful, especially when applying it on the armpits. You will observe an improvement in just a few weeks!

Chest sympathectomy will be also useful. This treatment removes the ganglions that produce sweat on the armpits and hands. It is a definitive and very affective therapy. However, as a side effect, it could increase sweating in other parts of the body. This effect is known as compensatory hyperhidrosis.

You can also choose to subject yourself to a local surgery that will get your rid of the sweat glands through a subcutaneous curettage.

And, finally, laser is another option you could take. It is an innovative therapy that uses the technology to heat the sweating glands up and eliminate them. It is a relatively new technique, so its long-term consequences are still unknown.

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