Summer and Kidney Stones

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At this time of the year, the heat increases the chance of suffering kidney stones. It is a rather common disease that affects the urinary system, so urologists have to face its symptoms every day.

Some studies suggest that about 12% of men and 6% of women will suffer this disease at least once in their lives. Nobody is completely safe from enduring kidney stones in the future.

Furthermore, half of the people who have had a kidney stone in the past will produce it again in the future, so the best thing to do is to identify the small changes in the metabolism or in the diet that could eventually cause this disease.

What could cause kidney stones?

As we said before, the high temperatures are a risk factor. For instance, you should control the temperature in your workplace, since the sweating makes you lose water, raising the odds of a kidney stone to appear. In fact, there is evidence proving that people who work in temperatures higher than 30oC have 3,5 more chances to develop a kidney stone.

What is more, regular overexertion also favours dehydration, what could also make you prone to produce this disease.

However, there is also a genetic factor. Those people with a close relative who has suffered a kidney stone are more likely to endure this disease sooner or later.

Additionally, you should be careful with medicines and vitamin supplements, since they are rich in minerals and they could eventually turn into kidney stones and alter urine’s biochemistry.

Do you want to know if you are prone to produce kidney stones?

It is so easy to prevent this disease. A simple metabolic study, like a blood or urine analysis, will tell you if you are more likely to develop kidney stones.

What foods favour the creation of kidney stones?

Some foods make it easy for you to endure kidney stones episodes, so they will raise your odds of producing them. Nevertheless, there are also other foods that help preventing this disease.

So, always take care of your diet! You must consider it as essential in preventing and treating kidney stones.

Too much animal protein, the lack of liquids and the increase in body sodium levels due to the meals and the oxalate are some risk factors that fosters the production of kidney stones. Furthermore, high doses of Vitamin C and an excessive carbohydrates intake also raises the chances of having kidney stones.

What can I eat to prevent kidney stones?

Despite having named a large amount of aspects of your diet that could foster the formation of kidney stones, there are also preventive measures that you could take in order to fight this disease.

Some drinks like coffee, tea, beer and other alcoholic beverages, taken moderately will help to the prevention of kidney stones.

And, therefore, some studies prove that a diet rich in calcium is related to a smaller probability of developing this disease, as well as being an excellent way of keeping an appropriate bone density.

Besides following a balanced diet that includes these preventive foods, if you have suffered kidney stones in the past, you should visit the urologist at least once every year.

The urologist will carry out observation preventive techniques like a renal ultrasound and a urine analysis. These are simple and useful analysis that help to discover the kidney stones before they get too big, even if they do not prevent them from appearing. They will tell if there is a need of acting before kidney stones become a real threat.

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